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At The Comprehensive Spine and Pain Center of New York, we diagnose and treat all forms of pain.  We understand that your pain is individual and we will partner with you and your physicians to identify the cause of your pain and tailor a treatment plan that gets you pain relief as quickly as possible.  Our goal is to improve your ability to return to the activities you have been missing and help you live a pain free life. We strive to promote comprehensive treatment recommendations based on the latest advances in pain medicine.  This may include injections, nonsurgical procedures, physical and chiropractic therapy, complementary holistic treatments, relaxation strategies or medications.  Our team is dedicated to the care and treatment of all patients in pain.  We want to understand your needs and offer the most advanced nonsurgical options to reduce pain and improve activity.

Dr. Tim Canty M.D. is one of the leaders in the field of minimally invasive non-surgical spinal, joint, and stem cell treatments.  At the same time, he recognizes that the most effective, safest, and quickest way to relieve pain is through a comprehensive treatment approach addressing all factors related to your pain.  He founded the Comprehensive Spine and Pain Center of New York after working and training at Harvard Medical School.  To learn more about Dr. Tim Canty’s philosophies and treatments click here.

Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapy

stem cell therapy treatmentNew and current Regenerative Medicines can use stem cells to create living and functional tissues to regenerate and repair tissue and organs in the body that are damaged due to age, disease and congenital defects.

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