Winter in NYC – Pain Treatment

Tips for Brooklyn, Staten Island, and West Hempstead residents to treat pain in the winter

Dealing with the winter is more about just dealing with the weather. Many agree that aches and pains intensify during winter. Here are some relief tips;

Heat/ Cold Application

Most would feel inclined to apply only heat during the winter. Although it does relax muscles and diminish stiffness, cold application has proven equally as useful. It is effective at reducing inflammatory swelling.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle

The somewhat inactive lifestyle of winter endorses pain. So continue to exercise & eat right and you’ll avoid a surge of winter aches.
These are just minor techniques. For professional advice and strategies for pain management in the New York City area, visit the Dr. Canty at the Comprehensive Spine & Pain Center of New York. He has the training history, intellect, staff, and facilities that separate him from the rest.
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