Dear Dr. Canty,

Where do I begin? I just had to write to tell you how much I appreciate your help with my ailments. I know that I am going to really miss you (already do). I went last Tues. for my first visit with Dr. Cameron G. He seems to be quite a quiet man. He listened to me and then we went in for a procedure. He stated that he was going to try something different. I believe he mentioned that you were going for the nerves. He was going for the joints. And if this didn’t help he would try “burning” some pads?? I go back on Thu 27th of January and there is no need to stop my flank or aspirin.

I have felt so good all week, with 10 inches of snow, etc. I went outside for the first time in for-5 years and I “swept and shoveled some snow”. I couldn’t believe it, I still feel good. I believe that he gave me a cortizone shot?

We spoke about you and he felt that you were a good young man and that you should venture out wile you are young, etc. He thought you would better yourself medically, I do hope that this is a great opportunity for you and I wish you the best both professionally and personal. I loved you as a son and want the best that life has to offer for you. (I lost 2 sons, one was 38 and paralyzed from his waist down, motorcycle accident 10 years. I took care of him and the other was a twin.