The importance of pain and treatment in NYC

When experiencing chronic pain, it dominates your life. Even if you’re able to conduct everyday business, it still bears down on you. Pain is important and should not be taken lightly.

It’s prevalent

Scores of people are affected by pain. It’s why people go the hospital or doctor’s office. It’s the backbone of medical care. It’s prominent among Americans, and as more & more fall victim to its wrath, it has become clear that it is telling us something.

A vital sign

Maybe not as a whole, but in regards to the individual – definitely. Pain could be indicative of a far greater problem, an infection or disease. Just as medical officials use heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, and respiratory rate to pinpoint a problem. Pain can be used to analyze a health condition.
That’s why we at the Comprehensive Spine & Pain Center of New York feature a whole host of treatments for both chronic and acute pain. We work with your regular doctors, so if your pain hints at something major, you will find help quickly.
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