Ketamine for Depression

ketamine infusion for depression

Depression is, unfortunately, a rapidly growing mental illness, especially in the United States. With over 350 million people worldwide suffering with depression, seeking cures in order to better the lives of so many is crucial.

Ketamine is becoming a more popular method of treating depression, despite its original use as an anesthesia medicine since the 1960s. Ketamine is also effective in easing pain in low doses and may even help patients use less addictive substances like morphine after surgical operations.

How is ketamine used to treat depression?

Those who have experienced depression know just how difficult it can be to manage it. Ketamine is now being used as a method of treatment with astounding results in a number of patients with severe depression who had been hospitalized and even suicidal.

For those treating with this emerging therapy, theketamine it is infused through an IV 5 times over a 2 week period in a clinic while highly medically supervised.
It has even been shown to aid in depression symptoms in as little as a few hours.

The way in which ketamine works to treat depression is actually different than you may think. Many depression medications take weeks before results and that’s because those treatment options need to build up in your system.

Ketamine, on the other hand, affects depression as it leaves your system. Although the exact cause of this isn’t yet known, many medical experts theorize that ketamine may actually prompt your brain to regrow connections in the areas involving your mood, which can in turn aid in treating depression.

This is being dubbed as a “groundbreaking” discovery in the fight to treat depression.

Is ketamine treatment for depression FDA approved?

Ketamine’s use for treating depression is not yet FDA approved, however, many psychiatrists are experimentally using this method for patients with severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

What are some side effects of ketamine treatments for depression?

Doctors experience using ketamine to treat pain is extensive and the side effects are well known at these low doses. These include temporary “out of body” experiences with changes in your sight and hearing, sweating, excitement or restlessness, dizziness, and lightheadedness.

When used in proper doses, these symptoms are minimal and temporary.