Fascinating Pain Tidbits Pt. 1

Why you may need to seek pain treatment in Staten Island

Visiting a pain treatment facility is very important, especially in Staten Island. Pain is a familiar, yet mysterious and frustrating, reality for everyone. Here some little-known info on pain, that may help you understand it better.

Women feel more!

Women are no strangers to pain. Menstruation, childbirth, and migraines are all female-specific pains that men know little about. Also, some experts conclude that for whatever reason, women may actually feel pain more intensely.

The Impervious Brain.

When injured, your body produces chemicals that send pain signals up to the brain for interpretation. It processes pain but because it lacks pain-sensitive nerves, does not feel any.

Your back hurts – probably.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 27 percent of Americans said they suffer from lower back aches, making it the most common pain in the nation. Fortunately, relief is not hard to find. It is just as prevalent as back pain, itself.

Although pain support is widely available. Quality pain support is not. That’s why we, at the Comprehensive Spain & Pain Center of New York, work hard to make sure superior pain treatment is available for all the great, hardworking people of the New York City area.

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