Common Reasons to Visit a NY Pain Center


Many New Yorkers share the same aches & pains

NYC is a wild place with many outgoing, daring people. With that, there comes a lot of hustle and bustle. And with a lot of hustle and bustle comes a lot of general pain that everyday New Yorkers visit pain centers for.

Lower back sprain

The lumbar assumes much of the body’s weight during running, walking, lifting, and other activities. So it’s logical to assume that strains and sprains in the lower back occur frequently. Especially amongst New Yorkers who walk everywhere.

Crick in the Neck

Officially, a crick in the neck is not a medical diagnosis. For some it means sleeping awkwardly and waking up with neck soreness. However, majority of them have been linked to muscle spasms or disc related pain.

These seemingly minor injuries happen all the time and impede everyday life. The Comprehensive Spine & Pain Center of New York can help.

Most back pain doctors prescribe conventional treatments and over-the-counter medicine so these injuries sustain for over several weeks. Alternatively, we identify the source of the pain through diagnostic precision so that it can be efficiently taken care of.

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