Chris B. (verified Yelp user)

After 10 years of chronic pain that has inhabited every aspect of my daily life, I had given up the idea that I would ever truly be in remission from that pain. I had given up many things I loved to do, and struggled to maintain the active lifestyle I had embraced before my symptoms began. I had gone from being a competitive marathoner to someone that couldn’t sit in a chair for more than 30 minutes without experiencing excruciating pain. In that period I’ve seen many competent, highly respected doctors in many different specialties. Every single one of them misdiagnosed my injury. I had even had surgery to no avail. Good doctors make mistakes. Dr. Canty is more than a good doctor. He is exceptional. As a medical student, I’m surrounded by doctors on a daily basis, and I can tell you that Dr. Canty is special. His staff is extremely professional and every aspect of my interaction with his office exceeded my expectations.