About Us

Why choose our center?

Pain management is a specialty that is dedicated solely to the diagnosis and treatment of many painful conditions, particularly those related to the spine. Most people come to a pain management physician after an injury has not improved with several weeks of over the counter pain medication and conservative treatments such as physical or chiropractic therapy. With our emphasis on diagnostic precision we are able to accurately identify the cause of your pain so that it can be more effectively treated. At The Comprehensive Spine and Pain Center of New York, we offer patients all the most advanced non-surgical treatment options to cure or reduce pain to a manageable level. We know that the right treatment as soon as possible can stop the cycle of pain and keep you from needing surgery or developing a lifelong chronic pain syndrome.

How are we different?

There are many pain management physicians in the New York area but there are few that have the training background, knowledge, staff, and facilities capable of delivering the highest quality of interventional treatment options like The Comprehensive Spine and Pain Center of New York. We recognize that each person in pain is an individual and therefore we strive to thoroughly review all your medical information and tailor a treatment plan specifically to you and all the factors that contribute to your pain. It is only through the compassionate understanding of your specific situation that we can fully treat your pain. We offer much more advanced treatments than the typical medication prescriptions and standard cortisone shots that you will find elsewhere. For instance, we perform procedures such as the Vertos mild procedure for spinal stenosis decompression, which is a minimally invasive non-surgical method for treating spinal stenosis. For a full list of our treatment options please link to our “Treatments” page here. We also are continuing to advance the field of pain management offering cutting edge regenerative treatments using your own stem cells which offer the prospect of healing damaged joints and tissues.  There are few doctors around the world that are performing these types of treatments currently.  For further questions about any of these options feel free to contact the center and Dr. Canty.

Our clinicians

Dr. Tim Canty, M.D.
Executive Director, Pain Medicine
Dr. Jonathan Kent Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Ali Malik D.O.
Interventional Pain and Sports Medicine